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  • Houses! by sharks12 around 8 days ago

    You can change how your House looks, for a single time from My House page!

  • Pro Trainer by sharks12 around 15 days ago

    We have a new Trainer called Pro. He's stronger than you are, he will be stronger than you are!

  • Trade Evolution! by sharks12 around 31 days ago

    Hear hear, we now have Trade Evolution. Simply trade your Pokemon for it to evolve, and if it requires an item to evolve through Trade, make sure it is in your inventory. It is that simple!

  • More updates! by sharks12 around 36 days ago

    Search Trades page now contains filters for Special Pokemon and some minor improvements to functionality! Also there is an Albino Pokemon Top list! Enjoy! :)

  • Updates! by sharks12 around 37 days ago

    We have added a new page called My Collection which will display unique Pokemon that you currently have.

    We have also added an option on My Pokemon to display Pokemon that are not originally owned.

    There is also a new achievement which gives you a very cool Pokemon as a reward!

    Stay tuned, more updates coming =)

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