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Updates: 3 days ago

  • Pokemon count is now shown on Wander pages. It only shows the Pokemon that you currently own.
  • Can choose to view only Multiple Pokemon (Multiples of the same Pokemon you own) on My Pokemon page
  • Top list for Clans has been added
  • Rank List: 18 days ago

    + Added a Rank List (can be accessed from profile)

    Updates: 18 days ago

    + Fixed map navigation on mobile

    + Can disband (delete) clan for a fee

    + Performance improvements

    Special Stone: 20 days ago

    Added Special Stone on Credits shop! Increases encountering special Pokemon chance by 10% for 48 hours

    Updates: 25 days ago

    +Clans: We have added clans in game - please check here for more details

    +Added a About Me field on Profile. Can be changed under Settings.

    +Minor optimizations

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