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  • Generation 7 by Master Mark around 93 days ago

    It is finally here! Generation 7 Pokemon have made their way to PBA. Have fun finding, catching, trading, and battling with your favorites!

  • Elemental Maps by Master Mark around 189 days ago

    Elemental Maps are being redone this week! We are making them a lot better! Fakemon will also be exclusively found on these maps.

  • Primal Time by Master Mark around 189 days ago

    The Blue Orb and Red Orb are ready to Primal evolve your Kyogre and Groudon. We also added in items for Rayquaza and Rayquaza (Zenith) to mega evolve! See our Discord group for details!

  • Credit Shop by Master Mark around 191 days ago

    We are updating the Credit Shop. Keep your eyes open, there may be something new.

  • Small Update by Master Mark around 205 days ago

    Quick update: I have added in a few moves. 3 new moves can be bought for any Pokemon on the Pokemon page: Ethereal Descent Chaotic Pulse Mighty Claw Each move costs 150,000 because the base power of each move is 150. Also, for anyone that has a level 100 Rayquaza or Rayquaza (Zenith), you can add Dragon Ascent to the move lineup. Dragon Ascent is not a buyable move and can only be learned at Level 100 by those two Pokemon. The base power is 120.

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